Fr. Michael P. Orsi: The Respect for Marriage Act Should Be Called the ‘Disrespect for Marriage Act’

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November 22, 2022
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November 22, 2022

The Respect for Marriage Act contains a very real and imminent threat of civil suits and even criminal prosecution for refusing to affirm same-sex ‘marriage.’ How long would it be before pastors faced lawsuits and even arrest for citing biblical injunctions against homosexuality and other aberrant sexual practices?

By Fr. Michael P. Orsi, LifeSiteNews, Nov 21, 2022


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(LifeSiteNews) – Lefty political planners are great at coming up with appealing names for laws that accomplish the exact opposite of what those names promise. Recall the Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as “Obamacare”). That law wound up costing most people more for healthcare than before the misnamed legislation.

Now we are presented with something called the Respect for Marriage Act. And a less accurate legislative title can hardly be imagined.

This bit of political sleight-of-hand doesn’t respect marriage at all — at least not marriage as it’s always been understood. What we have here instead is a brazen attempt to force people of faith into accepting relationships that are contrary to God’s law, and consequently have been considered evil by virtually every traditional religion from the beginning of civilization. ….

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