Fr. Paul John Kalchik: May is for Mary and Moms

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May 4, 2022
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May 4, 2022

FATIMA PORTUGAL - JULY 23 2016: Painting of the Coronation of Mother Mary by the Holy Trinity at the Sanctuary of Fatima in Portugal.

By Fr. Paul John Kalchik, Church Militant, May 3, 2022

Thank God for both mothers

As the weather warms and spring flowers begin to bloom, the faithful think of Mary, the Mother of God, and their own mothers as Mother’s Day looms near.

For centuries now, the faithful have dedicated to Mary the month of May to commemorate her role in humanity’s redemption. During May, many parishes conduct Marian processions and a May Crowning of Our Blessed Mother. Many parishes also have the First Communicants involved in Mary’s crowning, with the youth devoutly bringing spring blossoms to Our Blessed Mother.

As a former pastor, of all the ceremonies that took place in the course of a year at the parish, I miss Mary’s May Crowning the most. …

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