Fr. Paul John Kalchik: The Miracle of the Sun 104 Years Later

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October 13, 2021
Bishop Bashes Jabs, by Samuel McCarthy
October 14, 2021

By Fr. Paul John Kalchik, Church Militant, October 12, 2021

Live the Fatima message

No miracle in modern history compares to that of Fatima in Portugal, which took place on Oct. 13, 1917. As numerous media reports attested in the aftermath of the great miracle, the Sun danced! Thousands watched; estimates range from 70,000–100,000 souls of all classes and types witnessed this celestial event. The Portuguese newspaper O Dia  in 1917 reported:

At one o’clock, solar time, the rain stopped … The sky had a certain greyish tint of pearl and a strange clearness filled the gloomy landscape, every moment getting gloomier. The sun seemed to be veiled with transparent gauze to enable us to look at it without difficulty. The greyish tint of mother-of-pearl began changing as if into a shining silver disc that was growing slowly until it broke through the clouds. And the silvery sun, still shrouded in the same greyish lightness of gauze, was seen to rotate and wander within the circle of the receded clouds! The people cried out with one voice; the thousands of the creatures of God, whom faith raised up to Heaven, fell to their knees upon the muddy ground. …

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