Fr. Raymond J. de Souza : ‘Into the Deepak’… as Germany’s Catholic Bishops Choose to Ignore Pope Francis

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Where is the German program of reform, called the ‘Synodal Path,’ headed? The bishops of Germany, whose Cologne Cathedral is shown, have taken papal directives under advisement only. (photo: Cologne Cathedral / Unsplash)

COMMENTARY: The eclectic roster of speakers at recent Vatican conferences might help explain why the Church in Germany is moving ahead so determinedly to ignore Pope Francis.

By Father Raymond J. de Souza, EWTN News, May 17, 2021

Father Raymond J. de Souza is the founding editor of Convivium magazine.

Father Raymond J. de SouzaThe coordinated protest by priests in Germany last Monday, offering a “blessing for lovers,” which explicitly included same-sex couples, is just the latest indication that a sizable portion of Germany clergy, including bishops, is quite content to ignore directions from Rome.

Pope Francis has indicted plainly himself, and repeatedly through various Curial congregations, that the German “Synodal Path” threatens the unity of the Church, the truths of the faith and good order of canon law. There is no doubt that he wants the Church in Germany to abandon the “Synodal Path” as it is currently structured. It is equally clear that the German leadership, both clerical and lay, simply do not pay him heed. …

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