Fr. Raymond J. de Souza: The Holy Week Shadows of St. Joseph: Holy Tuesday

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Christ teaching at the temple. (photo: Public Domain)

By Father Raymond J. de Souza, EWTN News, March 30, 2021

Father Raymond J. de Souza Father Raymond J. de Souza is the founding editor of Convivium magazine.

The first of several reflections on St. Joseph by Father Raymond de Souza for your Holy Week contemplations.

Father Raymond J. de SouzaIn his apostolic letter for the beginning of the Year of St. Joseph, Pope Francis cites Polish author Jan Dobraczyński. The Holy Father explains that his novel, The Shadow of the Father, “uses the evocative image of a shadow to define Joseph. In his relationship to Jesus, Joseph was the earthly shadow of the heavenly Father: he watched over him and protected him, never leaving him to go his own way.” (Patris Corde 7)

Nevertheless, Joseph is not present in the Lord’s public life. Yet we might find St. Joseph during Holy Week, if we allow ourselves to imagine where his “shadow” may have fell upon Jesus in those most sacred days.  …

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