Fr. Roger Landry: Proclaim the Good News in the Midst of Bad

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March 31, 2022
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April 1, 2022

Vieira Lusitano, “Saint Paul,” 1740 (photo: Public Domain)

COMMENTARY: To proclaim the good news in every season, we must become the echo not just of Christ’s words but of his virtues.

By Father Roger Landry, EWTN News, March 31, 2022

Father Roger LandryIn the midst of much bad news in the Church and in the world — the war in Ukraine, the manifold political divisions in our country due to attacks on human life and the family, multiple scandals in the Church leading family and friends to give up the practice of the faith, as well as discrimination, persecution and massacres against believers in various countries, etc. — Christians can sometimes feel they’ve lost their breath for proclaiming the Good News. Such situations can leave Christians like the apostles on Holy Saturday, devitalized and even traumatized.

For Catholic journalists and columnists covering the Church, this problem can be more acute. Not only do they have the challenges every communicator today faces — fake news, rampant propaganda, a denial of truth, clickbait tabloids, a merciless cancel culture, various economic challenges affecting newsrooms ….

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