Fr. Shenan J. Boquet: A Route to a Post-Roe State

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May 10, 2022
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May 10, 2022

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, Human Life International, M

By now you have almost certainly heard the good news: last week, a draft of a U.S. Supreme Court majority opinion on a crucial abortion case was leaked to the press. If this draft truly represents the Court’s final decision, then it seems that one of the most ardent dreams of generations of pro-life activists is about to come true: the U.S. Supreme Court is about to completely and unambiguously overturn Roe v. Wade.

Roe v. Wade is, of course, the egregious 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision in which seven justices somehow discovered a constitutional “right” to abortion nearly two hundred years after the Constitution was ratified. …

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