Francis Packs the Court, by Stephen Wynne  

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September 13, 2019
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By Stephen Wynne, Church Militant, September 10, 2019

Pope appointing key leftist allies to College of Cardinals


Pope Francis is packing the court ahead of the next papal conclave.

In a surprise move, Francis announced last week that 13 clerics will be added to the College of Cardinals next month — among them, several of the pontiff’s key leftist allies.

Gung-ho globalist Abp. Jean-Claude Höllerich has blasted the rise of populism in Europe, calling it a catalyst for “totalitarianisms” that will “eventually devour Christianity.”

Pro-migration activist Fr. Michael Czerny has slammed conservatives for backing border security, accusing them of “xenophobia and isolationism.”

Homosexualist Abp. Matteo Zuppi has penned a preface for Building a Bridge, the pro-gay book by LGBT champion Fr. James Martin.

Martin hailed Zuppi’s appointment, calling him “a great supporter of LGBT Catholics.”  ….