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Jeffrey Sachs with Pope Francis

By Jules Gomes, Church Militant, November 17, 2020

Jeffrey Sachs to address Economy of Francesco on ‘letting life flourish’

Sachs praises China, calls the United States a “problem” and bashes Trump at a Vatican conference

VATICAN CITY ( – Pope Francis has invited the world’s foremost proponent of abortion and population control to address his “Economy of Francesco” conference on the theme of “letting life flourish.”

Economist Jeffrey Sachs, a liberal Jew who is president of the United Nations (U.N.) Sustainable Development Solutions Network, will speak at the start of the Assisi conference from Nov. 19–21, which is now being held online due to the Wuhan virus pandemic.

A special press office set up for the conference has confirmed the “virtual” participation of the pontiff — who will speak at the first session, just before Sachs.

The event showcasing Francis’ ideas on economics and ecology is expected to draw “young economists and entrepreneurs” from around the world “in order to change the current economy and give a soul to the economy of tomorrow.”  …

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