Gavin Newsom Manufactures a COVID Crisis to Make California Miserable Again, by William Sullivan

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November 18, 2020
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November 18, 2020


By William Sullivan, American Thinker, Nov. 18, 2020

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Fresh on the heels of the Sacramento Bee’s criticism of Gavin Newsom’s multi-family extravaganza at the famous French Laundry, a swanky $350-a-person-before-the-wine-is-ordered restaurant in Yountville, California, and after having his wrist slapped by the state Judiciary for exceeding his constitutional authority in issuing emergency lockdown orders, he’s decided that he really doesn’t care what the plebs of his state think or what the law says about his executive limitations.

He’s locking the state down again.  The reason, as he and the media would have you believe, is that California is experiencing a surge in positive COVID-19 tests, having just crossed the one million mark in cases.  You’re supposed to focus on that big, scary number and not Gavin Newsom’s blatant hypocrisy or his unlawful executive overreach, and certainly not the many questions swirling about the looming prospect of the Trump legal team’s potentially exposing massive election fraud, which could have an enormous impact on the future of our republic.  Nope, cases are rising, and we’re at a million in California, so it’s time to pull the “emergency brake” and make California miserable again.  …

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