Genetic Vaccines Made “Routine” for Children to Seal their Fate, by Dr. Peter McCullough

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November 1, 2022
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November 1, 2022


By Dr. Peter McCullough, America Out Loud, Oct 31, 2022

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The addition of EUA COVID-19 vaccines to the routine pediatric childhood vaccine schedule represents many historical “firsts”: 1) first pandemic illness to be permanently added—what happens when COVID-19 essentially goes away? 2) first emergency use authorized products to join — what happens if they are not fully FDA approved in the future? 3) first products added without clarity on dose, interval, and how to administer.

For example, does an unvaccinated child start with the obsolete Pfizer or Moderna products from two years ago and then two months later get a bivalent booster for a total of three shots in four months? What about a fully vaccinated child — does this mean annual boosters when the theoretical benefit, if any, only last six months? One can see how distorted groupthink among these academic physicians and advisors without dissenting votes leaves the CDC, schools, and parents in a lurch. …

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