Faith’s Place: Democracy in a Religious World, by bryan s. turner and damien freeman, connor court publishing, 244 pages, $40

George Cardinal Pell is prefect emeritus of the Vatican Secretariat for the Economy.

Can the achievements of the modern West survive the eclipse of Christianity? A recent book argues that they cannot.

Faith’s Place: Democracy in a Religious World, edited by Bryan Turner and Damien Freemanconsiders the fate and fortunes of democracy in an increasingly secular society. The book features essays from Turner and Freeman as well as pieces from a number of other contributors. They focus on the Anglosphere, where communism and Nazism never made major gains and where Christian morals often continued to influence public life even after religious practice had ceased. Today, however, those Christian morals are no longer as influential as they once were. The question before us is how universal human rights, universal suffrage, and welfare for the poor will survive in a society that no longer believes that every person is a child of God. …

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