Gerhard Cardinal Müller Pens Inspiring Easter Message of Hope: ‘Risen Lord Remains Present Among the Faithful’

The World and Its Lockdowns, by Michael Pakaluk
April 14, 2020
A Different Sort of Easter: Christ in Disguise? by Dr. Jeff Mirus
April 15, 2020


‘We must keep alive in ourselves the longing to assist at Holy Mass and receive the Sacraments in the church again soon.’

Cardinal Gerhard Müller

Not one of us has ever experienced a comparable situation as we are facing today. Because of the terrible Corona epidemic, public life is drastically restricted. We can no longer celebrate the liturgy in church on Sundays and even now in the Holy Week and at Easter.

It is true that we try to make do with telecasts of Holy Masses on television. But this makeshift solution cannot be a substitute for our physical presence before the Face of God in the midst of a contemplative but also joyful congregation, which joins in the Easter jubilation of the redeemed. The physical celebration of the liturgy corresponds to our social nature. And therefore God does not meet us in abstract thoughts, but visibly in the world and especially in Jesus, Who said of Himself: “He who sees Me sees the Father” (Jn 14:9).

The Risen Lord remains present among the faithful in the audible word of preaching, the visible signs of the Sacraments, and the communion of the Church that can be experienced. The words of Sacred Scripture show us, in these times of a ban on human contact for hygienic reasons and of regulations to keep at a distance, what we lack and what we hope will soon be overcome.  ….

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