Gloria TV: Exorcist: “Coronavirus Is Punishment For Pachamama Worship” (Watch Video)

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March 24, 2020
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March 24, 2020

The coronavirus is a “punishment” for the Pachamama worship practiced in the Catholic Church, Filipino Father Edgardo “Bing” Arellano explained in a March 19 homily (video sequence below). Arellano is a canon lawyer, exorcist, and former EWTN host.

Referring to Exodus 20, he added that disobeying the First Commandment and worshipping idols like Pachamama results in plagues which are “a punishment because of our violation against the first commandment, which forbids idolatry.”

He believes that “we are in the end times,” characterised by a loss of faith, and increased diabolical activities.

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