Go and Sin No More, by John Litwinovich

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By John Litwinovich, Catholic Exchange, Feb. 22, 2023

John Litwinovich is a Secular Franciscan, a member of the Little Portion Fraternity in Granite Bay, California. With a background as a human services administrator and Peace Corps and VISTA volunteer, his current focus is Catholic writing, travel and research, spending portions of most years in Italy. … 

Avatar photoIn a distracting world, finding time to adequately reflect on the Gospels can be a challenge. Even when carefully focusing during Mass readings and sermons, it’s easy to overlook how some Gospels apply to our daily lives.

Yet, upon deeper reflection, a single Gospel can be a treasure trove of insights into our Faith. It also can guide us in responding to life’s challenges. A good example is the Gospel of John 8: 1-11, concerning the Woman Caught in Adultery.

The story, very familiar to most Catholics, involves an adulteress who is brought to Jesus by scribes and Pharisees, her captors. They know that Jesus preaches mercy, and they know the Law of Moses prescribes a penalty of stoning for her transgression. …

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