Government Curated ‘Science’: Corporate Lies, Greed and Human Destruction, by Maggie Thorp JD and Jim Thorp MD

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By Maggie Thorp JD and Jim Thorp MD, America OutLoud, Dec 11, 2022

Dr. Jim Thorp is a Board-Certified Obstetrician Gynecologist and Maternal Fetal Medicine Physician with over 43 years of obstetrical experience. While serving as a clinician his entire career, he has also been active in clinical research, with approximately 200 publications.  …

Maggie Thorp JD and Jim Thorp MDTrust the science
. When many were hesitant in 2021 about undergoing experimental gene therapy injections newly branded as COVID-19 “vaccines,” this was the message repeatedly thrust on the American public by the Biden administration. “Follow the science,” we were told by Anthony Fauci, Chief Medical Advisor to President Biden, who shockingly and notoriously declared himself actually to be the science.

But what exactly was this science? It was, in large part, government-funded and endorsed experimental gene therapy bio-injections brought to you by some less-than-trustworthy pharmaceutical giants. It was a novel and experimental Department of Defense-funded science – gene therapy that had never before been widely deployed, yet came neatly packaged in tidy messenger RNA injections disguised as vaccines. …

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