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May 28, 2024
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Canons Regular of St. John Cantius. Facebook page. The newly ordained Fr. Nathan Ford, SJC with the Superior General of the Canons Regular, Fr. Joshua Caswell, SJC

By Katherine Bennett, Catholic Herald, May 26, 2024

”What about Princess Diana?” was not one of the questions I was prepared for as we began our speaking tour in Chicago this spring, but with Gavin Ashenden in tow – when he was an Anglican he was an Honorary Queen’s Chaplain – we had to factor in an extra half hour for questions about the royal family.

In 2022, Gavin, Mark Lambert and I established Catholic Unscripted: an online apostolate of evangelism and renewal of Catholic faith. Since then, we have developed a special relationship with our American brothers and sisters after discovering that they make up a large part of our online audience. Some of them had invited us to give a series of talks at various locations across the Midwest. …

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