Having The Courage! by Tom Renz, Esq.

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By Tom Renz, Esq., America Out Loud, Feb 7, 2023

Tom Renz is a small-town lawyer that has created a platform base on an unquenchable thirst for justice. His background is as varied as his work. He has dabbled in the arts, spent years training martial arts, is a lawyer, writer, consultant, and businessman. Most importantly, he is a dad, husband, and follower of Christ. …

Tom Renz, Esq.What is courage? Well, it is a trait that seems to be lacking these days in America, but I don’t think that should be a surprise to anyone. There has been a war on anything masculine or brave for a number of decades now, and it is having an impact. The values that have made America what it is are falling away, and courage is at the forefront of those lost values.

When we discuss what courage is, we have to understand that courage is not the absence of fear; rather, courage is the willingness to stand in the face of fear. Courage cannot exist absent fear, and so courage is an inherently difficult trait to demonstrate. It is only when we stand strong in the face of difficulties, the unknown, adversity, or pain that we show courage, and there is no better way for our enemies to ensure their victory over us than to convince us that courage is a negative trait. After all, if courage is a negative trait, then it would be better to do what is easy than what is right if our enemies challenge us directly, and that means surrender. …