Help Flatten the COVID-19 Curve with Faith and Reason, by Stacy Trasancos

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March 14, 2020
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March 14, 2020


Here are some practical and prayerful guidelines to helping slow the spread of the new coronavirus.

By Stacy Trasancos, EWTN News, 3/13/20

Since reality includes the natural and the spiritual, everything should be approached with both in mind. Secular society doesn’t often consider the spiritual or supernatural aspect of our existence, but it’s real nonetheless. In this time of uncertainty with the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19), here are some ways to use both faith and reason to “flatten the curve” with both practical and prayerful guidance.

1. Respect the civil authorities. Whether they are national, state or local — and even if you disagree with them or think they are overreacting — for the public good, please go along with their instructions to stop the spread of this disease. This is not political. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is tracking confirmed COVID-19 cases globally.

2. Don’t say it’s just like the flu. COVID-19 is not the flu. It is true that there are similarities. Both cause fever, coughing and aches. Both can lead to pneumonia. Both spread through droplets in the air (coughing, sneezing). Neither can be treated with antibiotics. Both can be prevented with hand-washing, refraining from touching your face, and staying home when sick. However, COVID-19 may be transmitted through the air as well and there is no vaccine yet for it, as there is with the flu. Populations have not built up immunities to it, and it’s possible that the mortality rate is higher.  ….

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