Here’s How the Holy Eucharist Can Heal Our Culture, by Louis Brown Jr.

Put an End to the Madness! by Regis Martin 
June 1, 2023
Why is June the Month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus? by Francesca Pollio Fenton
June 1, 2023

File:Blessed Sacrament procession, First Annual Southeastern Eucharistic Congress, Charlotte, North Carolina

Priests, religious and laity are encouraged to take part in Eucharistic processions on Corpus Christi Sunday, June 11

Much of today’s American political, business and pop culture have empowered a throwaway culture of death that is hostile to the Gospel, despises human dignity, and seeks to discard people who are wrongly deemed unproductive, unplanned, and therefore unnecessary.

This hostility is in part because so many are deeply wounded and do not know they are loved. This hostility to the Gospel and human dignity is most apparent in health care.

Pro-abortion politicians, the abortion lobby and pro-euthanasia proponents are relentless in attacking the religious freedom and conscience rights of pro-life health-care professionals, pro-life clinics, and Catholic health-care institutions. This is especially unjust because Catholic health professionals and medical institutions carry out the preferential option for poor, caring for materially impoverished immigrants, racial minorities in lower-income urban communities, and underserved rural communities across the country. …

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