Holy Innocents: First Martyrs And Pro-Life Patron Saints, by Claire Dwyer

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December 27, 2020
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December 28, 2020

By Claire Dwyer, SpiritualDirection.com, Dec. 27, 2020

Claire works for the Avila Foundation as editor and contributor of their website spiritualdirection.com. Her work is also featured on various Catholic sites including Catholicmom.com, Endowgroups.org, and The National Catholic Register, and on her own blog, eventhesparrow.com.  …

Claire DwyerI was nine years old, and I was carrying a coffin.

Not just any coffin. This one held the tiny bodies of hundreds of aborted infants rescued from a dumpster, and I was among several children who were participating in their burial service at Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in Milwaukee in 1984. Pro-life mourners and local media crowded around the gravesite, and I stepped carefully, conscious of how precious a load we bore. I remember the small box being lowered into the ground as we watched solemnly.

The grave marker read, “Holy Innocents” and in time, over a thousand victims of legalized abortion were laid to rest there, given a dignity in death they were denied in their brief lives.

It’s not the kind of thing one ever forgets, but this time of year our liturgical calendar resurrects the memory in a very poignant way.  …