How 60 Years Of Church Silence Made The Most Anti-Catholic Party In Modern History Possible, by Christopher Bedford

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November 5, 2020
Message of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano to American Catholics and to All Americans of Good Will
November 5, 2020

Through 2020’s disease, uncertainty, government power over religion, and attacks on saints and churches, our bishops have chosen the path of secular popularity.

By Christopher Bedford, The Federalist, Nov. 3, 2020

Christopher Bedford is a senior editor at The Federalist, the vice chairman of Young Americans for Freedom, a board member at the National Journalism Center, and the author of The Art of the Donald. Follow him on Twitter.


Former Vice President Joe Biden ran his presidential campaign on a pro-late-term abortion, pro-child sex-change, pro-gay marriage, pro-contraception mandate platform. Two of these positions stand in direct defiance of the Catholic Church’s “five non-negotiables,” one targets Catholic nuns, hospitals and adoption agencies, and the other targets children.

Not satisfied, Biden chose Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate, despite her claim that membership in a Catholic organization is a disqualifier from becoming a federal judge.

How did we end up here, with an ostensibly Catholic politician leading a ticket that is openly hostile to even the most basic, “non-negotiable” teachings of the Catholic Church? How are there more Catholics in public service, but less Catholic influence over public life, than ever before?  …

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