How Baseball Imitates the Spiritual Life, by John Clark

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March 31, 2023
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Sean Casey of the Cincinnati Reds

Keep sacrificing. Keep praying. And when you fall, pick yourself up, and get back in the box.

By John Clark, EWTN News, March 30, 2023

John ClarkIt seems that when we truly love things, our heart struggles to find similarities between those things. Perhaps that is why I am often struck by how much baseball resembles the Catholic spiritual life. I thought about this again recently when I saw an interview that confirmed my perspective. The interview was with Sean Casey, a former first-baseman for the Cincinnati Reds and my all-time favorite player. Casey was interviewed about his mental approach to hitting, and he mentioned four main points. It immediately struck me that these points are entirely relevant to the spiritual life.

1. Process Over Results

Casey explains that when was a rookie, he was intimidated facing the toughest pitchers in the game. But after struggling for his first few at-bats, he said to himself, “No more! If I’m going to stick around at the big leagues and I’m going to do well, I have to find a way to hit those guys.” For Casey, that meant focusing on the process, not the results. …