How Big Pharma Won Its War Against Cheap, Effective Ivermectin, by Steven W. Mosher

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March 8, 2022
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March 8, 2022

Dr. Andrew Hill, tasked with studying the cheap, widely available drug, undermined his own findings

LIVERPOOL, England (LifeSiteNews) — Providence will occasionally place a man at a key juncture of history, a position of great moment where the fate of millions lies in his hands.  

Andrew Hill, M.D., was just such a man, in just such a position. In October 2020 he was asked by the WHO to review the rapidly accumulating evidence that Ivermectin was a safe and effective treatment for COVID.

To say there was a lot riding on Hill’s findings was an understatement. If it turned out that this generic drug, cheap to manufacture and already widely available, could knock out COVID, then it could be rapidly deployed. Countless lives could be saved.  …

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