How Can We Help?… Good Priests Are Being Canceled, by Christopher Manion

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August 12, 2021
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August 12, 2021

By Christopher Manion, The Wanderer, August 11, 2021

Two weeks ago, we introduced our readers to Fr. John Lovell, a leader in the newly formed Coalition for Canceled Priests. The Coalition, an initiative of priests and laity alike, has been formed to address a growing problem in the priesthood and hierarchy: “an unwillingness to resist, and even a desire to celebrate, secular corruptions that have been condemned by the Church since its founding.”

Of course, there are many who resist this corruption. They are “faithful priests and bishops who preach and practice the eternal Faith,” according to the Coalition’s website. The problem is that all too often, these good men are persecuted when they boldly preach the faith.

In the language of today’s cultural conflicts, they’ve been “canceled.”

In our first interview, Fr. Lovell discussed how so many priests have been “canceled and warehoused by bishops who are preaching heresy.” In the U.S. alone, these men might number over a thousand, and the problem has been going on for years. …

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