How Did Sodomy Become “Pride”? by Chris Ferrara

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By Chris Ferrara,, July 18th, 2019

Fatima Perspectives #1318

In 1969, New York City police raided the “Stonewall Inn,” a “gay bar” in which sodomy, then criminalized, was being committed. The resulting riots by “gay people” in Greenwich Village are regarded as the genesis of the “gay pride” movement.

The movement spread throughout the country and ultimately achieved governmental recognition by a supposedly religiously neutral but actually inherently anti-religious federal government. Two presidents, Clinton and Obama, have “officially” declared that June is “Gay and Lesbian Pride Month,” thus committing the “religiously neutral” federal government to a moral position that radically contradicts a fundamental precept of the divine and natural law, the Sixth Commandment, to which there are no exceptions whatsoever.  Sad to say, even Trump acknowledged “Pride Month” by way of a tweet.

What is it that the members of the “gay pride” movement are proud of?  They are proud of what the Catechism of the Catholic Church rightly calls an “objectively disordered” condition that inclines them to what the same Catechism calls “acts of grave depravity” that are “intrinsically disordered,” declaring that “under no circumstances can they be approved.”

Today, if one wishes to hold public office, be employed by a major corporation or hold any position of prominence in social life, including the performing arts, one must bow the knee to “gay pride.”  To refuse to do so is to commit professional suicide, at least at the level of public life in the acceptable mainstream. ….