How Having a Gay Father Showed Me the Lies of Progressive Catholicism, by Katie Gillio

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June 22, 2022
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June 22, 2022

Marching under a large rainbow flag canopy at 2019 Rzeszów equality march.

By Katie Gillio, Crisis Magazine, June 22, 2022

Katie Gillio is a homeschooling mom who lives with her husband and 9 children in upstate New York. She has written for Aleteia and One Peter Five.

“Mom, why did you and Dad get divorced?” I asked for the hundredth time. I was accustomed to hearing her respond, “We just couldn’t live together anymore.” But this time she did not say that. We were on the way to the laundromat, and I can remember exactly where we were when she answered.

“Because your dad is gay.” 

“Oh, I know that,” I lied, trying to cover my shock. I didn’t know that. I was 9.

didn’t know that. …

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