How Homeschoolers Became the Normal Kids, by Anna Reynolds

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April 21, 2022
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By Anna Reynolds, Crisis Magazine, April 21, 2022

Anna Kaladish Reynolds is a wife and mother of three young girls. She holds an MA from Ave Maria University and a BA from the University of Dallas. She lives in Texas and writes at

“Is that your daughter?” The question, expressed urgently, is often not a welcome one. While trying to navigate the perils of a public restroom with multiple children, it is especially unwelcome. When I hesitantly answered, “yes,” acknowledging my child, the woman launched quite unexpectedly into a shower of praise.

Insisting the children were “so polite,” she enthusiastically raved about their manners, awkwardly erupting in applause, proclaiming, “This is your standing ovation, Mom, because I know they don’t come out the chute that way!” That’s about as close to poetry as you are likely to get these days. …