How the Sexual Revolution Has Corrupted the Professions (and What You Can Do About It!) by Jennifer Roback Morse

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July 31, 2019
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July 31, 2019

COMMENTARY: The American Library Association’s promotion of ‘Drag Queen Story Hours’ is just one example.

By Jennifer Roback Morse, EWTN News, July 29, 2019

People sometimes ask me, “Dr. Morse, how in the world do these crazy ideologies and policies keep coming at us? Why are we seeing demands for gender neutral bathrooms in public places, drag queen story hours in our libraries, and a “non-binary” option on birth certificates and driver’s licenses?”

To which I reply, these things didn’t spring up overnight out of nowhere. Many members of the college-educated professional classes are deeply committed to these ideas. Many professional societies have become corrupted by Sexual Revolutionary ideology and captured by committed ideologues. These people have been plowing this ground for a long time.

The American Library Association is a case in point. This is the association for professional librarians, including school librarians and public librarians. The ALA is deeply committed not only to the Drag Queen Story Hour concept, but to a general advocacy of the Sexual Revolution.

Joy Pullman describes the American Library Association’s recent convention. The program included workshops with these titles: “Creating Queer-Inclusive Elementary School Library Programming,” “Developing an Online Face for a Lesbian Pulp Fiction Collection” and, of course, “Telling Stories, Expanding Boundaries: Drag Queen Storytimes in Libraries.” …..