How to Make an Atheist, by Kristen Van Uden

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September 17, 2022
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September 17, 2022

By Kristen Van Uden, Catholic Exchange, Sept. 16, 2022

Kristen Van Uden serves as an author spokesperson at Sophia Institute Press. She received her MA in History from the College of William & Mary and her BA in History & Russian from Saint Anselm College. She studies the persecution of Catholics under communist regimes. …

Atheism is the zeitgeist of our times and the default state of the average citizen. According to a 2022 study, roughly 50% of the populations of most Western countries identify as atheist or its noncommittal cousin, “agnostic.”

The world has fallen so far that any religious activity whatsoever is an aberration, nevermind strict adherence to “the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

But it’s important to remember that the world was not always this way. It was deliberately made this way through the scheming of the enemies of Christ. …

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