How to Pray: The Stages of the Catholic Prayer Life, by T.J. Burdick

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June 13, 2022
What the McElroy Appointment Says About the Church’s Commitment to Sex Abuse Victims, by Janet E. Smith
June 13, 2022

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By T.J. Burdick, Catholic Exchange, June 13, 2022

T.J. Burdick the author of several books and articles on the Catholic faith. He writes and speaks on how to grow in holiness amongst the distractions and difficulties of the current age. ..

St. Thérèse of Lisieux once wrote that, “prayer is a surge of the heart; it is a simple look turned toward heaven, it is a cry of recognition and of love, embracing both trial and joy” (Manuscrits autobiographiques, C 25r.).

St. John Damascene wrote that, “Prayer is the raising of one’s mind and heart to God or the requesting of good things from God” (Defide orth. 3,24: PG 94, 1089C.) …

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