How to Protect Your Family From Spiritual Attacks, by Patti Maguire Armstrong

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An assistant to an exorcist gives practical guidance, rooted in Church teaching, and says that ‘sacramental life offers tremendous protection’ for the entire family.

By Patti Maguire Armstrong, EWTN News, June 4, 2022

Patti Maguire ArmstrongIt’s not a job you will find advertised in the classifieds: assistant to an exorcist. Alongside being a wife and mother, it’s a job Kathleen Beckman does in the Church’s ministry of exorcism and deliverance. Her other work for the Church includes spreading the Gospel message through Catholic radio and TV, completing a course at the Association of International Exorcists at the Pontifical Regina Apostolorum University in Rome, and co-founding the Foundation of Prayer for Priests, a ministry of prayer and sacrifice for the holiness and protection of clergy.

In her fourth best-selling book, A Family Guide to Spiritual Warfare, Beckman explains that demons wage war against families because families are vital to God’s plan of salvation. “This stark reality requires that your family members become well-trained spiritual warriors who actively secure your home and fight to keep it off-limits to demonic activity,” she explains in the book. …

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