How to Stay Quarantined, Stay Married, and Keep Your Friends, by Perry West

Today’s Heresy: Questioning the Response to the Coronavirus, by Dr. Jeff Mirus
March 21, 2020
The Four Last Things
March 21, 2020

By Perry West, CNA, March 21, 2020

– The policy of social distancing means that the newly-homebound are seeing less of coworkers than they did just weeks ago. They’re seeing fewer friends too. But they might be seeing a lot more of their family, or their roommates. And that isn’t easy.

For some, especially those who live alone, social distancing can bring with it a sense of isolation and loneliness. But for those who live with family or roommates, staying home means spending a lot of time together. After a few days of fun, being “alone together,” all the time, can become difficult.

Neither living alone nor with other people is easy in a time of great stress, Dr. Christina Lynch told CNA. But there are ways to build and maintain healthy relationships during the coronavirus pandemic.  ….

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