HR 1 Makes Election Fraud & Chaos Permanent, by Louis Debroux

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March 3, 2021
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March 4, 2021

By Louis Debroux, Patriot Post, March 3, 2021

Democrats’ legislation aims to secure their power by any and all means necessary.

If you liked the dozens of post-election lawsuits, the ballot recounts and audits, and the utter chaos and anger that prevailed after the 2020 elections, then you’ll absolutely love the Democrats’ top legislative priority this year — passage of HR 1, the ludicrously named “For the People Act.”

With a House vote expected this week, the 791-page HR 1 is a massive power grab by Democrats that takes the worst aspects of the 2020 elections and puts them into federal law. Democrats aim to dictate from Capitol Hill election law for every single state, county, and city. HR 1 intentionally weakens election security, creating the very lawlessness and discord that made the last election such a nightmare and guaranteeing that’s the norm for all future elections.

Veteran political reporter John Fund calls it “the worst piece of legislation I have even seen in my 40 years reporting from Washington.” …

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