Humility and the Mysterious Work of God, by Joan Watson

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June 4, 2021
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June 4, 2021


By Joan Watson, Integrated Catholic, June 4, 2021

“Do we have the faith that the Father knows best?

Joan Watson was born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana, but college and graduate school took her to Virginia, Ohio, and Rome. …

Joannie WatsonThe story of Tobit, Tobias, and Sarah is one of the best accounts of answered prayers in Sacred Scripture. We have heard it all this week in the daily Mass readings. Since there are several beautiful passages and details omitted for the sake of time, even if you heard the highlights this week at Mass, I would still encourage picking up the book of Tobit and reading it straight through.

The prayers of both Tobit and Sarah are heard by God and answered through his messenger Raphael (3:16). What is striking in the story is that the prayers are answered in ways neither asked for or would have imagined. Both asked for death. God had a different answer. The book of Tobit reminds us of the omniscience and goodness of God, compared to our own blindness. …

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