I Was Abused by a Priest, and the McCarrick Report Is a Sickening Whitewash, by Joseph Sciambra

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November 13, 2020
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By Joseph Sciambra, The Stream, Nov. 12, 2020

Throughout the 1990s, Joseph Sciambra lived around the homosexual culture of San Francisco’s Castro District, offering him rare insight into the daily lives and struggles of many gay men. …

Joseph SciambraI knew the so-called “McCarrick Report” would be coming out. As the time approached, I struggled with myself. Would I even read it — let alone comment on it? I suspected it would prove disturbing for me to sift through, just as the “Pennsylvania Report” was in 2018. I never even met  the former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, who sexually harassed seminarians and abused a boy he’d baptized as a baby. But as a priest sex abuse survivor, McCarrick’s career became symbolic for me.

Like most men and boys (because sexual assault usually involves another male) I never reported my abuse. It was too shameful on one level. But I also wondered if it was my fault. Had I “asked for it”? The priest told me that “God made me gay.” I thought he was right.  …

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