If Trump Wants to Win Again, He Should Pardon David Daleiden. And Lock Up Planned Parenthood, by John Zmirak

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By John Zmirak, The Stream, December 7, 2019

John Zmirak

Imagine if one of the major funders of the GOP was founded on an elitist racist conspiracy. Its goal? To regulate the child-bearing choices of every American. So as to improve our genetic “germ plasm.” To diminish the number of “human weeds” who were born each year. This group called for the government to decide who could have children. And how many. The feds would force would-be parents to apply for a license before each pregnancy.

It advanced laws that forcibly sterilized or castrated Americans in 13 states if they failed culturally biased IQ tests. It cooperated with influential allies of the Nazis. In turn, the Nazis took their eugenics policies as a model. The Nazis even granted an honorary degree to one of this GOP group’s leaders. The laws it helped pass led to black women suffering forced sterilization in America into the mid-1960s. Don’t believe that? Watch this powerful movie by black pro-lifers, where they interview one such woman:

If a group like that, which focused on setting abortion clinics in the ghetto, were a major force in the GOP? We would never hear the end of it. Nor should we.  ….

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