In Rochester, Moms’ Group Prays for Vocations to Come From Among Their Families, by Michelle La Rosa

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October 9, 2019
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By Michelle La Rosa, CNA, Oct. 6, 2019

– A newly-formed group of Catholic mothers in Rochester, New York has committed to praying regularly for the flourishing of vocations from within their own families.

“We have to pray for our kids, for their vocations, to hear God’s call, what He’s asking of them,” said Janene Loughran, one of the organizers of the new Mothers of Lu prayer group in the Diocese of Rochester.

The idea began in June, at a picnic with families and seminarians in the diocese. Fr. Peter Van Lieshout, one of the co-directors of vocations for the diocese, told them about the Mothers of Lu in Italy, a group of moms in the late 1800s who would gather regularly in their small village and pray for priestly vocations to come from their own families. In the 65 years that followed, more than 300 priests and religious vocations came from among their children.

“[Fr. Van Lieshout] put it to the families at the picnic: Praying for vocations in general is great and we need to do that. [But] we also need to challenge ourselves to do more,” Loughran told CNA.

Several of the moms reflected on the priest’s words and felt strongly called to following the footsteps of the Mothers of Lu.

“We all have a responsibility,” Loughran said. “There’s a shortage of priests everywhere. Our diocese is no exception, so what more can we do? It’s not what more can the vocations director do, what more can the diocese do, what more can the bishops do? The vocations will come out of families.” ….