Ingraham: Unvaxxed Illegals Can Go Anywhere ‘on the Taxpayer’s Dime,’ ‘But Unvaxxed Truckers Can’t Cross the Border’?

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January 28, 2022
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Laura Ingraham hosts "The Ingraham Angle." (Photo credit: Fox News)

By Emily Robertson, CNSNews, January 26, 2022

Emily Robertson is a CNSNews intern and a senior at Liberty University studying Strategic Communication with a double minor in Government and Politics & Policy. She has written for the Liberty Champion as an opinion writer and news reporter, as well as participated in other extracurricular activities involving law and politics.

“Presumably, many unvaxxed illegals can just get free rides to wherever they please, but unvaxxed truckers can’t cross the border,” Fox News host Laura Ingraham said Tuesday.

Ingraham interviewed Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) on the Biden Administration’s handling of mass migration of unvaccinated illegal immigrants.

“When someone crosses our border illegally, their final destination should always be turning them around and sending them back to their home country,” Sen. Cotton said. “They shouldn’t be putting them on a bus or an airplane at taxpayer expense to go wherever they want in the United States.”

Ingraham cited December 2021 Department of Homeland Security data showing that the number of illegal migrants sent back to their home country is “very, very low.”

“So doesn’t this mean that they’re defying what the court said about ‘Remain in Mexico’ and they’re actually not doing that?” Ingraham asked Cotton. …