Interrogation Tapes in Vatican Finance Trial Leaked to Media, by Hannah Brockhaus

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A hearing in the Vatican finance trial on Nov. 17, 2021. (photo: Vatican Media. / Vatican Media)

The ‘Perlasca Tapes’ have been at the center of arguments at recent hearings in the trial to prosecute alleged crimes committed against the Secretariat of State surrounding its purchase of a 350 million euro investment property in London.

VATICAN CITY — Videotapes of interrogations with a key witness in the ongoing Vatican finance trial have been leaked to an Italian newspaper.

Corriere della Sera reported in a Dec. 3 article billed as an “exclusive” that journalists at the Italian newspaper had viewed the video footage of interviews between Vatican prosecutors and Msgr. Alberto Perlasca, a former official at the Secretariat of State, who was once considered a suspect in the finance investigations but has not been charged after volunteering information to investigators during extensive questioning in 2020 and 2021. …

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