Interview: The Present War of the Antichrist, by David Gordon

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May 16, 2023
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How Freemasonry is Undermining Civilization.

By David Gordon interviews Joshua Charles, editor of The War of the Antichrist with the Church and Christian Civilization, Church Militant, May 14, 2023.


Description: Catholics have always known that Satan wages a constant war against the Church. But the past three centuries have witnessed a far more radical onslaught than ever before, leading to a rapid and universal apostasy among formerly Christian nations. Who or what is behind this greatest of all apostasies from the Catholic Church? According to this prophetic book, it is Freemasonry.

Originally published by Monsignor George Dillon, DD, in 1885 in response to Pope Leo XIII’s call to “tear away the mask from Freemasonry,” The War of the Antichrist with the Church and Christian Civilization lays out the facts of Freemasonry, its history, and its anti-Christic ideology. Though written over 130 years ago, it remains stunningly relevant. Monsignor Dillon details the Masonic plot to de-Christianize the world through the separation of Church and state, “democratic” ideology, religious indifferentism, civil marriage and easy divorce laws, secularized education, the encouragement of moral decay among the population, the destruction of the temporal and spiritual authority of the pope, all animated by an atheistic Socialist, Communist, and ultimately pantheistic ideology of nature worship that will climax with the arrival of the antichrist. The result was considered so trustworthy that Pope Leo XIII endorsed it and paid for its translation and printing in Italian.
This cannot be dismissed as a “conspiracy theory.”But as Monsignor Dillon makes clear, the duty of Catholics in light of this war of the antichrist with the Church and Christian civilization remains constant: to love God above all, our neighbors as ourselves, and to confront evil wherever we find it—first within ourselves, and then in the world around us. Only by bearing the cross with Our Lord during these dark days can we secure salvation for ourselves and others. … SOURCE >>>>