Ireland Is No Longer a Catholic Nation, by Cole Kinder

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November 5, 2022
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November 5, 2022

[Image: Fr. Sean Sheehy]

By Cole Kinder, Crisis Magazine, Nov. 4, 2022

Ireland has traded in Catholicism for secularismThe nation has become greatly anti-Catholic in recent years—legalizing abortion in 2019, followed by Northern Ireland doing the same in 2020, and in their promotion of homosexuality not just in the secular world but also in the Church.

Thus, when Fr. Seán Sheehy gave his homily on Sunday, October 30th, the press and congregation treated it with “controversy.” And so did the Diocesan Bishop.

So, what was actually said that was so controversial?

Fr. Sheehy stated that the promotion of abortion, homosexuality, and transgenderism is the promotion of grave mortal sin. …

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