Ireland Is Running Out of People

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By Jonathan Mizrahi, CNSNews, June 6, 2018

( – Only one week after Ireland voted to legalize abortion, a report from the Central Statistics Office stated that not enough babies were being born to replace the population.

In 2017, there were 62,053 births and 30,484 deaths in Ireland. The birth rate decreased 0.6 from 2016 while the death rate increased 0.3 percent from 2016.

Since 2007, the birth rate in Ireland has decreased 12.1 percent. In 2017, there were 62,053 births which represents 12.9 births per 1,000 population in Ireland. This is a 0.6 per thousand decrease from 2016.

The TPRF, total period fertility rate, which measures the projected number of children a woman would have if she experienced current age specific fertility rates while progressing from age 15-49 years is also a number to be concerned about. The value of 2.1 is typically the amount that would see a population be replaced in the long run, however this values sinks to 1.8 in Ireland.

The Central Statistics office also reported that of total births in Ireland, 23,340 or 37.6 percent are registered as outside marriage/civil partnership. This is an increase of 1.1 percentage points from 2016.

The rates of birth order are also relatively low. Thirty-eight percent of mothers were first time mothers, and 35 percent of mothers were second-time mothers. Yet, after the second order, there was a sharp decline, showing that only 18 percent of mothers are 3rd time mothers. Six percent are 4th time mothers, and merely three percent are 5th time mothers and over.

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children reported that more than one-third of babies were born outside of marriage. Including abortion rates, 68 percent of conceptions outside of marriage or civil partnership resulted in maternity (live or stillbirth), while 92 percent of conceptions within marriage or civil partnership resulted in maternity.