Ireland’s as Bad as North Korea and Saudi Arabia, by David Mills

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March 9, 2021
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March 9, 2021

Empty city streets during Covid 19 Global Pandemic, Dublin, Ireland.

By David Mills, The Stream, March 9, 2021

David Mills is a senior editor of The Stream. After teaching writing in a seminary, he has been editor of Touchstone and the executive editor of First Things. He writes the monthly “Last Things” column for the New Oxford Review and a “Chapter House” column for The Catholic Herald.

David Mills“Ireland is one of only two countries in Europe where a person of faith cannot attend religious services,” notes the Irish political party Aontú. The major political parties “have taken a far more restrictive policy against the holding of Church Services than any other country in the world except North Korea and Saudi Arabia.”

There’s a smack-down for you. Aontú asks the Irish government “to publish plans now in order that a gentle easing of restrictions for Religious Services can happen for Easter Week.”

They know the virus poses “a serious threat to the well-being of the Irish people.” Still, much of the effect Ireland suffers is the government’s fault. “Ireland has had the longest and most severe lockdown of any other EU country. Government policy in terms of travel, Nursing Homes, health care capacity, inoculation and all Ireland Cooperation has led to much of the devastation that has happened in this country.”  …

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