Is America Too Sick to Recover? by Michael Brown

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August 6, 2019
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August 6, 2019

By Michael Brown, The Stream, August 5, 2019

Michael BrownAs the host of a daily talk radio show, on Monday-Friday I receive an email from a Christian news service highlighting the top 7-8 stories of the day. Today, the first three stories were: 1) White Supremacist Kills 20 at Walmart; 2) Socialist Shoots 9 in Dayton; 3) 25 Shot and Killed in Chicago in 4 Hours. How do we respond to news like this?

To be sure, these tragic shootings are just the tiny tip of a massive iceberg of violence and murder. And violence and murder are themselves just tips of an even bigger iceberg of national sin and rebellion and dysfunction.

But these shootings reveal the ugly underbelly of our society, and we cannot deny that we are very sick as a nation.

A Serious Diagnosis

The optimist, of course, will point to the many wonderful qualities of America. To the many sacrificial acts of Americans. To the many heroes in our midst, most of them unsung. ….