Is Gay Marriage Back on the Political Agenda? by Austin Ruse

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September 17, 2022
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September 17, 2022

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By Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine, Sept. 1

Austin Ruse is a contributing editor to Crisis Magazine. His latest book, Under Siege: No Finer Time to be a Faithful Catholic, is now available from Crisis Publications.

Big-time libertarian pundit Ben Domenech got downright tetchy
 with National Conservatism scholar Yoram Hazony on a podcast this week over an issue that Domenech believes is settled and never to be unsettled. Hazony said that Domenech’s rhetoric became downright “violent.”

At the prospect that many in the not-so-nascent national conservative movement believe gay marriage is still a salient issue, Domenech rather shouted at Hazony, “I want you to understand this. We will beat you. We are beating you.  …