Is Homeschooling ‘Dangerous’? Parents, Former Students Respond to Harvard Professor, by Mary Farrow

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April 23, 2020
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April 23, 2020

By Mary Farrow, Catholic News Agency, April 23, 2020

– Mary Ellen Barrett, a mom living on Long Island, has been homeschooling her children since before coronavirus made it cool (read: necessary) to go to school at home.

She started 18 years ago, when she decided that her oldest son Wyatt, who had autism, was not being served well in his public school. At the time, she had Wyatt, a first grader, a toddler, and another child on the way. She decided to try homeschooling.

“So we just did it and we loved it, and Wyatt caught up to grade level in many of his subjects and we kept going,” she said.

Six years later, Wyatt died of a grand mal seizure.  ….

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