Is the Church’s Teaching on Sex “Still in Diapers?” by Eric Sammons 

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The pope’s recent statement that the Church’s teaching on sex is “still in diapers” reveals a tragic ignorance of reality.

By Eric Sammons, Crisis Magazine, April 14, 2023

Eric Sammons is the editor-in-chief of Crisis Magazine.

Eric Sammons

For the past decade faithful Catholics have gotten used to being anxious whenever Pope Francis gives off-the-cuff interviews (one would not be blamed for wanting a ban on papal air travel). A recent discussion with 10 young adults for a Hulu documentary only deepens that anxiety.

As expected, much of the controversy following the release of the interview surrounds the pope’s comments on sex. In one instance he was asked about young people meeting partners on Tinder. He responded that “it’s normal,” showing that he likely has no idea what Tinder is (and if you don’t know either, count yourself lucky). …  

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