Is the Demonic Globalist Religion Now Inseparable from Biden’s State? by Robert Morrison

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October 25, 2022
Fr. Jerry Pokorsky: God, I Thank Thee That I Am Not Like Devout Catholics
October 25, 2022

By  Robert Morrison, Remnant Columnist, The Remnant. Oct. 24, 2022

In his October 19, 2022 opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal, Daniel Henninger predicted a red wave victory for the Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections. Indeed, if we simply consider the most pressing election issues Henninger described, we might expect all informed voters to vote for Republicans:

“What, exactly, are these midterm elections about? The 500-pound bear in the room is inflation. Still, I don’t recall another recent midterm when so many discrete issues were filtering through voters’ minds. Crime, abortion, recession, energy prices, the border, schools, Ukraine and, not least, Joe Biden.” …

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