Is Ugliness Sustainable? by Julian Kwasniewski

Fort Worth Nun Forced to Use Bishop-Appointed Canon Lawyer Amid Dispute With Diocese, by Tyler Arnold
May 25, 2023
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May 25, 2023

*Image: Green River of Wyoming by Thomas Moran, 1878 [private collection]

By Julian Kwasniewski, The Catholic Thing, May 25, 2023

A musician specializing in Renaissance lute, Julian Kwasniewski is also an artist, graphic designer, and writer. He has been published in numerous venues including The Catholic Herald, Catholic World Report, National Catholic Register, and Crisis Magazine. …

A note from Robert Royal: Today is the feast of St. Gregory VII (Hildebrand), the medieval pope who excommunicated the Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV and made him do penance kneeling in the snow at Canossa before lifting the ban. The story then became more complicated than we learned as children – human stories always are. But it’s a reminder of an age when Church leaders stood up to politicians and, at least sometimes, for a while, could get results. Today’s column reminds us that we also need to stand up for transcendence in our world, maybe an even harder task than the usual Church/state confrontations. At TCT, we strive to keep the whole range of the Faith alive with our daily offerings. To judge by people I meet traveling – I was in Fort Worth just yesterday – many of you understand that this is going to be a hard and long fight. Which is why we have to ask urgently in these final days of our funding campaign that you be generous. You know what’s at stake or you wouldn’t be here. And know we all need to act, wherever we are in whatever way we can. Giving is one way you can make a difference. So do, make a difference. Give to TCT, today.

I was recently driving by suburbs in Denver and noticed a block of new condominiums equipped with solar panels on the roofs. “How sustainable,” I thought to myself. In my defense, I was breathing the liberal air of Colorado. Its spirit was, no doubt, inspiring thoughts my mind would ordinarily never conceive of in healthier climes.

But it was only a passing whiff of insanity, and only lasted a moment. The next thought that came to mind was, “Who will care in thirty years if they are electrically self-sustaining? With such a lack of basic beauty, will souls formed in such suburbs be worth the massive effort of converting to sustainable resources?” When will we begin treating Beauty as a valuable resource that needs to be not just sustained, but consistently cultivated? Without it, human life as we know it is not sustainable – or even desirable. …